Social Welfare Institute
of Lithuanian Social Research Centre

A.Gostauto st. 9, LT-01108 Vilnius, Lithuania
phone: (+370 5) 249 1601, fax: (+370 5) 275 4896
About Institute

Social Welfare Institute is a structural subunit of the Lithuanian Social Research Centre (LSRC). Scientific activities of Social Welfare Institute are focused on social welfare research.

The Institute pursues to carry out research in the areas of living conditions, income differentiation, the spread of poverty and social exclusion, the factors influencing it and the consequences thereof, as well as the social and economic policies applied to influence the social welfare of the country.

The researchers of the Institute have significant experience in research in pensions, social support for those living in poverty, social services and other social policy areas. They cooperate with state institutions in drafting legislation regulating national strategies and social security.

In March 2017 Social Welfare Institute and Labour Market Research Institute have released the fourth issue of publication "Socialiniai tyrimai trumpai" (Social Research in Brief).

The issue presents the results of the project "Transformation of elderly care sector: demand for services and labour force and quality of work". The project was implemented by the researchers from Vilnius University and Lithuanian Social Research Centre. This research was funded by a grant (No. GER-012/2015) from the Research Council of Lithuania.

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